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Non-Alcohol Infused

Half dozen :   $11.00

Dozen         :   $20.00

Alcool Infused

Half dozen : $15.00

Dozen         : $25.00

Mini Cakes : $15

Make your own cupcakes or mini cake for no extra charge

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Mini Cake

Small cake customized to your liking

Raspberry Vodka (Alcohol Infused)

A vanilla cake with fresh raspberries bakes into it, and a raspberry and vodka filling and a vodka injected the cake. It topped with a raspberry vodka butter cream.

Margherita (Alcohol Infused)

A key lime cake injected with tequila topped with a key lime and tequila frosting with lime zest.

Pink Chiffon

A vanilla cake tinted pink, with a heavy cream and vanilla frosting. with an option to put a cookie on top.

Minion Cupcake

A vanilla cake topped with a vanilla buttercream frosting and a Twinkie "Minion"

Oatmeal Raisin

A vanilla cake with ground up oatmeal inside and raisins backed into it. It has a oatmeal raisin vanilla cream cheese frosting.

Apple Spice (Alcohol Infused)

A cinnamon spice cake with a whiskey apple butter filled center and a Crown Royal glaze on top. Its topped with a apple and vanilla buttercream.

Egg Nog (Alcohol Infused)

A vanilla and eggnog cake with a bourbon cream filling, topped with a bourbon eggnog butter cream frosting.

Cherry Cheesecake

A vanilla cream cheese cake with a cherry cheesecake filling and topped with a cherry cream cheese frosting.

Cookies N Cream

A vanilla cake with bits of Oreo cookie backed into it. Topped with a vanilla and Oreo buttercream.

Triple Chocolate Ganache

A chocolate cake with a dark chocolate ganache center. Its topped with a milk chocolate cream cheese frosting.

Fried Apple Pie

This is a apple cinnamon spice cake with pieces of fresh apple baked inside. The cupocake is deep fried in oil for a crispy texture on top. Its filled with an appled butter center and topped with an apple cinnamon butter cream.

Key Lime

A key lime cake with a key lime cream filling, topped wit a vanilla key lime frosting.

Guts N Glory

A chocolate cake with a red berry jelly filling. Its topped with a milk chocolate buttercream frosting and red blood drizzle.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

A chocolate chip vanilla cake with a cookie dough center, topped with a cookie dough butter cream frosting and chocolate chips.